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Boy Scouts Build New Homes for Special Birds

The Bear Den of Cub Scout Pack 700, located at Dorchester Presbyterian Church, completed their project of building and installing ten Bluebird boxes at the new Dorchester Heritage Center site outside of Ridgeville this month. 

The Bears spent a den meeting building bird boxes, and then some of them helped Dorchester Heritage Center’s Edsel Taylor, a member of the Master Naturalist Association, install the boxes around the property and learn more about why it was important to do this for the birds in the area. 

Bluebirds, like most tree cavity-nesting birds, have lost much of their natural nesting habitat due to industrial development and the clearing of woods and forests.  “By building and properly installing bluebird boxes, you can boost the bluebird population in the local area,” Mr. Taylor explained.  The boxes help protect the baby bluebirds from predators like snakes, cats, and raccoons.  Bluebird nesting activity provides interest and attracts visitors to our parks and greenspace areas as well.

Bluebirds feed mainly on insects and therefore are best friends to farmers and gardeners who need to use less harmful pesticides to protect their crops from harmful insects.

We’re so thankful for partnerships like this that benefit our young leaders, the environment, farmers, and ultimately all members of our community.

The project was managed in a way for the scouts to see a scout project through from start to finish to better prepare them for when they are older and on their own.

The project is also a step in completing their “Baloo the Builder” and “Paws for Action” (i.e. citizenship) adventures to complete their “Bear” rank in Cub Scouts, and participating in the World Organization of Scouting Movement’s (WOSM) Messengers of Peace program.  

Messengers of Peace aims to promote a culture of peace and dialogue for mutual understanding, promote service initiatives led by Scouts, support the development of young people affected by conflict situations, provide further connection to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and connect Scouts around the world in a global network of 20 million Messengers of Peace. A significant portion of this program is devoted to conservation endeavors.  

Cub Scouts is the elementary-aged program of Boy Scouts of America promoting citizenship, character building, personal fitness, and leadership. 

Scouts who built boxes: Aiden Elswick, Austin Davis, Coleman Bandt, Dean Epling, Henry Bragg, Kellin Hudson, Max Briggs, Phin Suen, Rowen Ross, and Parker Ham. 

Scouts who installed:  Austin Davis, Henry Bragg, Kellin Hudson, Phin Suen

The Bear den is led by Micah Hudson.