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Discovery Series- May Event

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Dorchester County’s history with the latest release, “The History of Dorchester County, South Carolina.” Our May Discovery Series event is set for May 9 from 7-8 pm at the Greater Summerville/Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce.

Delve into the captivating narratives meticulously curated by the Dorchester County Historical Society, chartered in 2004 by a passionate collective driven to preserve the essence of our past.

This compelling book is the culmination of their unwavering dedication to researching and documenting the vivid stories that define our community. Join us and hear firsthand from Phyllis Hughes, the president of the organization, as she shares insights into the fascinating journey behind the creation of this invaluable resource.

Come, discover the heart and soul of Dorchester County through the pages of this newest release.


Some of the county’s history recorded in this publication includes the uncovering of an early Chiefdom, the Confitachequi, discovered by Spanish Explorer, Hernando de Soto, and others that followed in the 1500’s. The book includes the development of early transportation, medical practices, political activities, and details about many towns throughout the county. Readers may learn about Colonial Dorchester and several historic plantations. Also, during the course of researching the area, the origin of the Rosenwald School was revealed. Steps were set into motion to preserve this historic site. While much is covered in this history, there is certainly much more that
can and should be researched and explored.


This book is the result of the dedicated efforts of several members of the Dorchester County Historical Society, but there were two who were instrumental in completing this manuscript working countless hours over the past 15 years to preserve the history of their beloved county. Jean Behling, our resident historian who has been making her own history over the course of her ninety-one years, who sacrificed many hours pouring over boxes of collections and pages of information [and] Phyllis Hughes who spent many hours with Native Americans, African Americans, and local citizens in an effort to record their stories and their history. Together they worked collaboratively to research material, record memories from local citizens, write and edit the story of this little part of the world. They were the driving force behind a small group of determined workers. Some of those other members who offered their writing talents were, Mildred Heatley, Peggy Phalen, and Bobbie McKinnon. Historian Jim Way contributed much research to the project. Bill Blakely was a tremendous help in compiling the index.

Thanks also goes to Ann Irick and Linda Baker for their contribution of the Moorer/Murray Collection. Monnie Cannon of Spartanburg was instrumental in writing the earliest chapters.


Book Purchase Price: $50.00 (Order On-line or via mail – Add $10.00 S/H)
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